It's a miracle: plaster, really!

One of the most exciting techniques for the complete transformation and embellishment of spaces is made possible by plasterwork. We are masters at creating stucco, plaster, dry and vaulted constructions, including all indoor and outdoor work. Special, unique design options and state-of-the-art technology lend pool landscapes, wellness areas, wine cellars and many more spaces an impressive look, especially in combination with sophisticated painting and plaster work.


Decorative Plaster

More than surface beauty.

Walls covered in decorative plaster are protected from environmental influences, and can be individually structured, creating interesting light and shadow play. Decorative plaster is seamlessly applied to the wall. Its special surface structure can improve both the acoustics of a room, as well as the living environment. Due to its moisture-regulating properties, it is perfect for bathrooms and spas. Decorative plaster can be applied to any structure. For a dramatic look with functional depth.


Big effects in 3D.

Wikipedia describes stucco as the “shaping of mortars of all kinds.” Anyone who has experienced how stucco can transform rooms and facades, enhancing them, raising them to new levels, understands the fascination with this technique. Whether elegant, simple or delicate and fancy, stucco is aesthetically pleasing, suiting various styles. It sets accents and refines any ambience.


Louis Rustic Line

On trend: quality bearing our name.

The Louis Rustic Line is currently experiencing a delightful renaissance. “Louis-Rustic” stands for Louis Werren, who managed the company in its second generation. We created this plastering line together with Granol AG. Special feature: all Louis-Rustic line plasters can be structured, with its individualised rustic effect applied by plasterer him/herself. Louis-Rustic is suitable for almost all surfaces. It must be painted in order to bring its form to completion.

Light construction Work

Setting new standards.

Light construction design is ideal for dividing rooms, hanging ceilings or getting rid of unsightly walls. Light construction walls are made from metal scaffolding, insulation material and plasterboard. They can be erected in the shortest possible time, and in the event of a conversion, they can easily be removed. The possibilities of light construction are practically unlimited. We are at your side from the planning to implementation phases: we take care of everything, from A-Z, when it comes to setting new standards for your space.