Interior painting

The right innate quality touches the soul.

The interplay of various colours allows for an infinite repertoire of moods and sensual experiences. Colours can create a state of harmony, inspire one's appreciation of life, soothe or stimulate. Anyone can paint a wall. Transforming your visions into individualised concepts, creating the desired effect which resonates with your soul, is an art in itself, a gift not bestowed on most. Do you like a clean, purist design? Or do you prefer a more opulent, stylish feel? We create spaces in any design.


Painting of facades

A beautiful glow with intrinsic value.

Your house's facade should represent and reflect your unique personality. A beautiful paint job and decorative wooden designs will bestow an unmistakable and singular quality. — Of course, this is anything but superficial: expertise and great care are required to achieve this. Protection against weather conditions and environmental influences, as well as compliance with health standards and regulatory requirements... many factors must be taken into account if this beauty is to last.

Ornamental painting techniques

Create great effects with small details.

Love for ornamental decorations are as old as mankind itself. They have been found as early back as the stone age, on clay stone-age jugs. Ornamental finishes enhance the mundane, adding value and elegance. It is no coincidence that they are once again in demand; and in Switzerland they mainly adorn chalets. Ornaments and fonts can be painted, carved or applied as a relief. We are proud to offer you this, the ultimate discipline of our craft in all its facets, with a cornucopia of possibilities.


It's the enemy in your home.

People are increasingly suffering from mould-related conditions. The effects on health have increased in recent years. Mould is brought into your home or workspace via air, people and pets. In high humidity, they grow on suitable surfaces and quickly multiply; the released spores can be especially hazardous to your health. Mould control must, therefore, be undertaken by qualified professionals. We'll take care of it.


Creating first-class impressions.

The gilding of objects and surfaces is a centuries-old technique for top-class finishes. Gold leaf is applied. Additives such as platinum, copper or silver, give the gold leaf the desired color.

Room decorations in gold or silver create effective accents, bestowing an elegant, modern look. Does this sound impressive? We would be delighted to show you some of our best work.

Wood imitation

Style and aesthetic enhancements painted on.

Wood imitation techniques were used in the past to enhance inexpensive wood, recreating the look of more classy woods. Today, the art of imitation wood is used on areas no wood can be used, such as elevator doors due to fire protection regulations. In rooms with old wood panelling, it disguises visually disturbing light switches. Window frames, loudspeaker boxes etc. can also be re-designed to have wood optics, ensuring an overall harmonious flow.