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WERREN meets ACCURAUM - What is your personal radiation exposure?

We do not see the 3G,4G,5G and WiFi rays that surround us. But we increasingly feel the consequences of it. Sleeping problems, stress and fatigue can result from it. "accuraum" is the solution for better health and is so far the only way to create living spaces that are 99% radiation free. This is especially important for bedrooms and Kids areas More than 400,000 health-conscious customers worldwide have already had their bedrooms built radiation-free. It is time to include the Saanenland in this. Our company was trained and certified last year. Niklaus Rauber and Sandro Bischoff are our experts who are at your side to plan ahead and build tactically smart, for the future. Our "accuraum" package is calculable, includes the comprehensive consultation and of course the organization of the involved work categories.You can find out more about accuraum in our offering page